How can I download Me88 mobile APP


Although traditional in-house gambling has its advantages, online gaming offers numerous benefits, particularly in the realm of mobile support. The ability to play on a mobile phone is the most exciting aspect of online gaming, as it eliminates the need for a desktop or personal computer. At Me88 PLAY, our patrons can enjoy our top-rated betting platform using our convenient and user-friendly mobile apps. Our mobile version is both fast and reliable, offering an enjoyable experience for users. Additionally, our mobile app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, making it accessible to a wide range of users. Now, Let’s introduce How to Install me88 Lite App.

me88 app

How to Install me88 Lite App for Android

Me88 Android App

1. Tap the Download button above.

2. Click INSTALL after the download completed.

3. Open the app and start to play now!

How to Install me88 Lite App for iOS

Me88 iOS App

1. Tap the Download button above.

download step1

2. You will redirected to a “Me Cards” app on App Store instead of “me88” app.

download step2

3. Click “GET” to install the “Me Cards” app

download step3

4. Open “Me Cards” to launch the me88 app and enjoy your game!

download step4

*Direct search of “Me Cards” app in AppStore will not grant you access to me88 app.


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